A priori

A priori takes the form of a quiz. The user must associate the enigmatic image with one on of the four represented worlds by betting with a chip. At the half time, the responses of the other players appear and the user can still change his bet according to the opinion of others. At the end of the game, statistics are displayed : what were the good and bad answers influenced by other players ? The application confronts us with our prejudices based on stereotypes and lack of information of a situation, but also the influence of others on our vision, which changes and shapes our judgment.

  • 09.2013
  • Dispositif réalisé dans le cadre du Workshop-innovation-et-handicap organisé par Erasme
  • Jean-Baptiste Hibon (fondateur du Réseau Humain), Franck Weber (designer sonore), Mathieu Virbel (developpeur), Ophélie Battaglia (design)

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interactive design - graphic design - game design - product design - fiction design - illustration - art - ergonomy - advertising - datavizualisation - IoT